5 Favourite Brushes

Hello everyone!

The other day I watched a few videos about travelling brushes and must-have products that got me inspired to go through my brush collection and pick out the most favourite 5 brushes I have and the ones I would take with me overseas or anywhere I didn’t have access to sponges. So here we go!


First up with face brushes I have my staple foundation that I use whenever I don’t have the beauty blender. It gives me a really similar effect and if the beauty blender didn’t exist, I would use this all the time. It’s my 2nd favourite way to apply foundation and face products and I just adore it. It’s the Real Techniques Expert Face BrushThis brush has securely compact bristles to provide a clear, streak-free finish. It glides on my skin and leaves me with a nearly perfect finish. Whenever I travel and am not looking to bring a sponge, I chose this brush every time. It retails for $22.95 on the Real Techniques website but I’ve found the brushes on other retailer sites like iHerb for cheaper.


My second favourite face brush is a goodie but an oldie, one of the first Real Techniques brushes, the Setting Brush. This brush is specifically designed for setting under-eye concealer with powder and great for any touch-ups throughout the day or night. What I love most about this brush is how perfectly it fits underneath my eye to set my concealer. It’s soft and picks up the exact right amount of product. This brush is so good I even have two of them – one for at home and one for on the go for powder re-applications. This brush is one of Real Technique’s best. This brush retails for $16.99 on the Real Techniques site.


My third and last favourite is one from the Sculpting Set, the Real Techniques Sculpting BrushThis brush is designed and used for contouring and sculpting your face. Alot of contouring brushes I’ve tried aren’t very full bristled just leave me with a weird finish on my face, and are very hard to blend out. This is the exact opposite. I myself am still very new to contouring and the ability to have a product which successfully lets me blend out my contour to a nice, natural finish is all I can ask for. The bristles are soft and the shape is thicker which gives it a more natural, radiant finish. It retails to $27.99 but I would purchase it in the Sculpting Set like I did so you can get the fan and setting brush as well.


Now for different brands! Another one of my favourites is Zoeva, and my favourite brush from their brand is the simple but effective Luxe Classic Shader. I prefer when I have enough time to do my eyes to use a shader brush to pack on the colours and this is the perfect size for my eyes. It lets me pick up as much or as little product I want and easily lets me create the perfect look I want. This brush is also multi-purpose and can be used in the crease if you want to and I find works just as well as the normal blending brushes you might find. This brush is quite cheap and retails to $11.75. A must-have for anyones collection.


My last but definitely not least is my newest and most favourite brush, the Sigma E40 Tapered Blending brush. This one is more on the higher range of prices out of these at $21.97 but I truly believe if you can save up for this brush, do it! I’ve used it a number of times now and every time it’s given me the exact look I want. It has some of the softest bristles which help it to distribute shadows wherever you want and on the exact place. Alot of other blending brushes I’ve used from other brands I find very difficult to blend and end up getting really annoyed. I think I’ve finally found my holy grail brush for blending. I find it very difficult in general to blend out shades into my crease and this is perfect for me. If you have trouble with blending, don’t necessarily always think you should change your shadows, change your brushes to a brand like this! I’ll be hopefully trying out some more Sigma in the future and will report back to you with how I feel.



That’s it from me for now,

Love, Grace xoxo

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