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LORAC Pro Palette // Review

Hello Beautiful! Christy here,

Today I will be reviewing the classic and coveted Lorac Pro Palette which I have desired for such a long time I cannot even remember a time where I did not want it in my life (slight exaggeration). I have searched high and low for this palette, since it is unavailable all over Sydney. The only place that I found which sold the Lorac Pro Palette was online at Nordstrom (where shipping conveniently costs $18 to Australia). I hesitated for quite a while, not wanting to spend so much money on shipping, but luckily two of my friends also wanted to buy from Nordstrom, so we were able to split the fees which lowered the cost.


The palette costs around $60AUD (depending on the currency exchange) and contains 8 matte shades on the top row and 8 shimmery shades on the bottom. One of the reasons I was so attracted to this palette was because of the main focus of the palette being on classic neutrals colours which I really lacked in my collection. I also really love how the matte and shimmery shades are separated from each other so it is extremely easy to locate the exact shade you require. I do have to say that the pairs of shades: nude & champagne (shimmery) and cream & light pink (matte) are extremely similar to each other and if I could change anything about the palette I would probably take one of each out and replace it with a more unique colour. My favourite shadow out of the whole palette would have to be ‘taupe’ which is the most perfect neutral brown crease shade. I basically wear this shadow everyday I am wearing eyeshadow.

IMG_5678.JPG IMG_5679.JPG

The shadows are extremely buttery and super easy to blend (which is great for the times you need to create a look in close to no time). I have to say my favourite part of the palette would have to be the matte shades just because it really is hard to find shadows which are high in pigment yet easy to blend. I also must add that I do have quite oily eyelids which causes eyeshadows to crease on my eyelids easily, however when I wear a eyeshadow primer these eyeshadows do not crease. The palette does come with a primer which is great however it is a smaller size.

IMG_5680.JPG IMG_5681.JPG

Personally I absolutely love this palette and would recommend it to anyone in need of a high-end basic eyeshadow palette. If you travel a lot or just prefer to have all your cookies in one jar, I think this palette would be perfect for you, all of the basic colours you would need for an everyday look are right here in this palette. If you would like to purchase the palette, you can find it here:

I hope you found this review useful in some way shape or form & until next time, have a lovely week.

PS: let me know what your favourite eyeshadow palettes are so I can check them out!

Christy xoxo

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  • I agree, totally love this palette even though it cost an arm and a leg to get one in the UK haha! They are so luxurious x