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Makeup Geek Eye Shadows | First Impressions

Hello my lovelies!

I’m very excited to share with you my long-awaited first impressions on the “Makeup Geek” brand. For the moment this brand, created by famous Youtube Makeup Guru Makeup Geek, or Marlena, is only online but ships to a lot of countries worldwide. A lot of Youtubers online – basically all of the reviews that I’ve seen, is that this brand is amazing, is highly highly pigmented, is cheap, easy to blend and is comparable to Mac shadows. Now, since I’m not in the workforce and I can’t really afford a lot of Mac shadows I can’t necessarily compare these shadows to this brand but I can give my honest and unsponsored opinion of how I believe they perform.

Christy, Carmelita and I were all stunned when we saw the “2015 Makeup Geek Australia Free Shipping” announcement which is why I initially purchased these shadows. Christy & I purchased them together and Carmelita purchased some as well. We did this because, for us Australians, it’s very hard to purchase online from overseas sites due to their shipping prices. Also, I had been wanting to buy from this brand for a while now and I’m really happy we did. I purchased 4 individual pans from this site were Barcelona BeachTwilight, Prom Night and Sensuous.

These shadows are all packaged in little pans and are received in little cardboard envelopes which majorly protect the shadows. I wouldn’t recommend buying these shades initially without buying a z-palette, which if you don’t know is a empty customizable palette available for when you purchase pans of makeup or for when you depot shadows. I don’t have one at the moment but have put an order to get one, because they are 100% easier to store with one. The shadows themselves, appear very pigmented, colourful and look really good. For my look today, all I did was use all four shades, combine them and see which ones stood out the most and because I chose very similar shades, wanted to create a look where they could all co-exist. I’m pretty happy with the look I created and on second trial, I’ll probably not use as much of the shadows as the darker shades are especially more pigmented.


IMG_9369 IMG_9371


(I used Sensuous in my crease and parts of my outer-v, Barcelona Beach as a transition shade initially, Prom Night in the inner-eye, and Twilight all over the eye)



Initially, applying with these shades is quite easier for some but not all. I felt for me, some shades were very pigmented, in particular Sensuous and Barcelona Beach, but for Prom Night and Twilight, both combined together on my lid it was very hard to load them up and darken them. I prefer Prom Night over Twilight as it was more apparent on the lid. For me, my least favourite shade was Twilight as it wasn’t visible. Sensuous, was at first for my hard to blend because I had applied too much too quickly but I really like the pigmentation and the shade. Prom Night was very beautiful and another one of my favourites to use. Barcelona Beach I was very excited for as it appeared on the website as a very light shade that I, being very fair, would be able to contour with, but on arrival, this shade was a shade darker than my loved Kat Von D shade! I was pretty disappointed, and as a crease/transition shade, this is very nice, but as a contour shade, it appeared not that lovely and muddy.


IMG_9400IMG_9395IMG_9392 IMG_9390 IMG_9388 IMG_9386


(These shadows are in this order – Sensuous, Twilight, Prom Night & Barcelona Beach)


Overall I think these shades are blendable to an extent, quite pigmented, mostly cheap and worth it! I really think I’ll be able to work with these shades in the future and really be able to use them easier and make them look as best as they can be. I wouldn’t say they are the best shadows I’ve tried, but they are up there. I would definitely recommend looking into purchasing a few if you are a beauty addict like us.

The price for all of these shadows are $5.99 each, which even I believe is a bit expensive considering the size, but are much MUCH cheaper than all of the brands on the market. You can find them on Here’s my look, I hope you like it.


Thanks so much you guys for reading, lots of love..

Grace! xoxoxo

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