Nail Colour of the Day – Kit Nail Polish

Hi beautiful, Christy here!

Today I have a short post for you all since I have been extremely busy thanks to the amazing pleasure of being at the end of the Year 11 school year. At our school we are not allowed to wear nail polish for some stupid odd reason, so whenever the weekend rolls around and I going out somewhere, I love to paint my nails. It makes me quite sad that I don’t have the opportunity to paint my nails more often since I have quite a large collection of polishes which go without use.

Since it is Winter in Australia at the moment I chose to embrace the burgundy/maroon shade which I absolutely adore. This particular polish is from Kit Cosmetics which I think is exclusively available at Mecca. I got it for free since there was a promotion happening at the time if you spent over $65 at once. I’m pretty sure it was apart of a limited edition collection so I wasn’t able to link the exact one, but here is a link to the polishes part of their usual collection.

IMG_6061.JPG IMG_6062.JPG IMG_6063.JPG IMG_6060.JPG
Please excuse my absolutely horrible nail polish application (I was painting them before dinner and was extremely hungry).

That’s all for now, but please let me know what your current favourite nail polish is !

Christy xoxo

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