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Top 5 Makeup Mistakes + How to Avoid Them

Hi beautiful! Christy here,

As many of us beauty geeks out there will know – makeup takes A LOT of practice – no one just got up one day and instantly became a pro.  Mistakes are an inevitable and necessary component of gaining experience and for accomplishing growth. I know that I have committed many makeup crimes in my past and have definitely learned from them. Today I am going to create a list of what I consider to be the most cringy make up mistakes which are constantly being committed. Please keep in mind that these are all my personal opinion and make up is a way of expressing yourself however you choose, these are just a few things I personally consider unattractive.

The Foundation Line


The dreaded foundation line when the colour of your face does not match your neck, to avoid getting a foundation line, make sure that you purchase the right shade of foundation. Reasons for this includes your foundation colour being either too light or too dark for the rest of your body.

How to avoid:

  • Blend your foundation down to your neck if it is a slight colour difference
  • Or mix the foundation with a lighter/darker shade until the colour is matched

Streaky/Uneven Foundation

Woman applying base

Streaky foundation is not cute, unless you’re trying to go for the zebra look. You may notice that your foundation is streaky if you have not blended your foundation out successfully or if you have used the wrong type of foundation for your skin type, for e.g. using a matte foundation on dry skin.

How to avoid:

  • Use a buffing brush or beauty blender to make sure there are no clear lines of foundation appear and ensure a flawless finish
  • Use a primer so that the foundation applies onto your skin more smoothly
  • Make sure you use the correct foundation for your skin type.
  • Double check your foundation is even in good lighting

Too Much Blush 


I’m not typically a blush person since I do get flushed quite easily, so I tend to skip out on the blush a lot. Unless you want to look like a clown, I would suggest to go light on the blush and keep it looking natural.

How to avoid: 

  • Use a light hand when applying
  • Apply minimal product onto your brush and build up slowly if necessary
  • If you tend to go overboard on the blush, try to use blushes with less pigmentation

Unblended Eye shadow


This one is pretty simple, personally I think eyeshadow looks much more flattering when eyeshadow is blended out into the crease, especially with the use of a light brown shade in the crease to add a bit of dimension.

How to avoid:

  • Blend out the edges of your eyeshadow with a fluffy brush to make sure there are no harsh lines
  • Use a matte light brown/taupe shade in the crease to make a nice transition from eyelid to brow bone and use an eyeshadow slightly lighter than your skin tone to highlight under the brow bone to top it off

Too Much Bronzer


Bronzer is a wonderful product, it can add so much life into the face, but only if used correctly. It can add a lovely warm sun kissed glow to the face which can create the illusion that you just came back from a two week holiday in Hawaii. However, if you go overboard, you may find yourself looking like a relative of the oompa loompa.

How to avoid:

  • Only apply bronzer to the outer perimeters of the face such as under the cheek bone, forehead & jawline
  • A little goes a long way, again, apply minimal product and build up if necessary
  • Do not apply a shimmery bronzer in the centre of the face as it tends to attract attention to pores and other imperfections.



That’s all for now, hope you found this post useful in some way and are able to cringe with me as you remember making some of these mistakes way back when.Don’t hesitate to share this post with someone you know who may commit one of these beauty crimes & until next time, hope you have a lovely rest of the week.

Let me know, are there any other beauty mistakes you cringe at?

Christy xoxo


(The included images are not mine & all credit goes towards their owners)

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