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Celebrity Inspiration // RIHANNA (For Less)

Hey guys! Carmelita here!

I feel like its been ages since I posted (which it probably has), so of course celebrity fashion is the pinnacle of my fashion inspiration. I draw most of my inspiration from Rihanna! I would do everything and more for her closet, to even be her! So we all know that Rihanna is decked out head-to-toe designer, and of course in a true blogger spirit, I give you a Rihanna look for less!


Rihanna Outfit 1:

Denim on denim. I die for a denim on denim outfit!

rihanna1  ro1


Rihanna Outfit 2:

It was a hard find for this outfit, I assume that she was wearing an over-sized coat and this was the closets I would find. (I’m super proud of myself for finding this!)

rihanna2 ro2

Rihanna Outfit 3:

Love this, her streetwear is to die for. But to make a more street, I switched it up a little bit!

rihanna4 ro4


Rihanna Outfit 4:

This one is for sure wearable for anyone!


rihanna3 ro3



And that brings the end to my steal her look for less!

I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week.

Until next time!



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