Hair&Me Hair Rejuvenation Treatment Review

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We received the following Hair Rejuvenation Treatment from the brand Hair&Me a while ago and I was able to review this product. I personally have a dry scalp but my main concern is my hair is very thick, frizzy and dry, especially at the ends. I don’t usually use heat on my hair as I prefer to try and keep my hair healthy throughout the week but I used to use heat products a lot in previous years. This product is based around the idea of rejuvenating the hair and is “designed to help repair, moisturize & strengthen your hair & scalp”.

This product is packaging is visually pleasing for me personally but  in the shower, I found it hard to use. This treatment’s directions were to put it in the fridge for 15 minutes so it would be easily usable for hair. I did this and then after shampooing my hair twice, conditioning, I applied it into my hair and waited 45 minutes like the directions said. For me, I spend alot of time in the shower anyway, so this was a bit of a negative for me as I don’t like spending even more time on using a treatment, so considering the time – I expected flawless results, and a complete “makeover” to my dry ends of my hair.

After using the product, I washed it out and I didn’t really feel a change. I then continued to wait until my hair dried to see if my hair had changed at all, and to be honest it didn’t. In fact, it felt even worse than before. Usually when I shampoo twice, condition my hair afterwards and use a treatment my hair feels healthy and refreshed. It feels a little less dry but when it dried, my hair felt frazzled, frizzy and dry. It did the exact opposite of what it said. I’m not sure if I received a bad batch as the product got good reviews on different sites but I did not like it at all and I found no results apparent. A bit of a disappointment.







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