Current Makeup Wishlist!

Hey guys, Carmelita here with a beauty post coming your way!

I want to share with you guys my current makeup wishlist. This month I decided not to buy makeup for a month just to cleanse myself, see how much money I can save and purely because I have more than enough makeup. I never realised how much I bought makeup until I stopped impulse buying every week and now my wish list seems to be growing a lot more than it needs to be. So I figured, if I can’t buy, might as well relieve the makeup I want in some sort of way, and here we are!

  1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Illuminators with the new #23 brush

With summer coming up here in Australia and because I love a nice dewy skin with a killer highlight these ABH illuminators are totally for a must have!


2. Lorac Pro 2 Eye shadow Palette

A problem living in Australia is our accessibility to makeup and the terrible currency conversation… And shipping. A couple months ago I got the Lorac Pro palette, and even then for me it was such a splurge because the palette was at $63AUD and shipping was over $25AUD, so that’s literally almost $100 for an eye shadow palette. But since this ‘not buying makeup for a month’ deal, I reckon I’m ready to make the splurge again for the 2 palette because the colours in here a to die for!


3. Urban Decay Naked Smoky eye shadow palette

Purely just because I’m an eye shadow palette hoarder, and when it comes to Urban Decay eye shadow palettes I can simply not hold back


4. Morphe 35T – 35 Color Taupe Palette

Me in an eye shadow palette. That’s all I can say for this one, I came across this from one of my favourite YouTubers Kathleen Lights and the shades in the palette are so versatile for a day time and night time look.


5. Zoeva Complete Eye Set

Myself personally, I don’t expand myself further into face base brushes, and honestly I’m a bit boring when it comes to face brushes, I religiously use my BeautyBlender for everything, even with loose powder nowadays. However, eye brushes are completely another story. When wearing makeup, I feel totally naked without wearing eye shadow and I love doing my eye shadow and I feel you can never have enough eye brushes, because every brush is so versatile in what they do. I hear some many good things about the Zoeva eye brushes and now I want them for myself!


6. Givenchy Poudre Bonne Mine Healthy Glow Power

Well…shit. Everything about this is my aesthetic! I’m a girl of higher end makeup because of the luxurious packaging and the luxurious brand which makes me feel luxurious. I set my eyes on this bronzer, and it will be mine soon!


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