Take Over Australian Fashion Week

Hey beauties! Carmelita here!

I have been given the opportunity to enter an exclusive competition from Farfetch. They are a beautiful fashion boutique online and have stores located across the world. For this competition I am going to organise my own perfect fashion week!

Now, I will run you guys through how I would correlate fashion week through my eyes! And hopefully you enjoy.

When I think of my own fashion week I think MONOCHROME with a splash of colour (maybe even less than a splash!) I love a good monochrome and have it matched with light accent colours is beautiful! Here is my colour palette:

the colour palette

Location. Location is key for every event and it can either make or break any event. So keeping with Sydney’s fashion week location it’s going to be at Carriageworks. Carriageworks has an industrial feel that sparks diversity, perfect for fashion week.

Inside, I want a classic cat walk runway. The long white stage down the middle of the room, cut, clean and simple! Because sometimes you just have to go back the the fundamentals right? However, for this runway I want to add something different to the classic runway, like a pop of colour. But more than a pop of colour, I want petals. More specifically, Japanese Cherry Blossoms scattered along the perimeter of the runway. Entering into Spring, Japanese Cherry Blossoms are the floral element to make the room feel Spring-like and vibrant and they are the perfect accent colour to compliment the clean white runway (chic right!?)


Of course, where will everyone sit? Well, sticking to the minimalistic vibe, rows will be set up of these acrylic chairs, keeping the room chic and clean. This is where the celebrities, designers, bloggers and press will sit exclusively.


Music. Music can make or break the atmosphere of fashion week, or any atmosphere for that matter. I want music that will make people feel excited for the show, something groovy, but not too over powering, but expresses my taste and kicking it back old school. So some songs I want to play are:

  • Dubillusions – Destiny’s Child
  • Illusion – Destiny’s Child (instrumental)
  • Confessions – Destiny’s Child (instrumental)
  • Where’d You Go – Destiny’s Child (instrumental)

Backstage is always chaotic before a fashion show, from my experience from volunteering backstage at the last two previous Mercedes Benz Fashion Week, it’s important for everyone to know their job and help. Help is essential and key to working backstage, that’s why it’s perfect to get some appropriate volunteers to help out backstage to help with designers, models and show organisers to minimise the workload.

Now moving onto the designers. Farfetch offer a widespread of designers on their site. They range all the way from Givenchy to Nike, and some lesser well-known brands. I would love to showcase the big brands like Acne Studios, Alex Perry, Saint Laurent, Balmain, Givenchy, Moschino and so much more!

But, of course what are the brands I want to be styled in for the glamorous occasion? I love a good middle part with light waves and of course a denim on denim. I feel like a denim on denim is very me, very 90’s and early 2000’s,  it can be styled and accessorised in so many versatile ways.

Denim top skirt

jacket clutch

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 11.51.15 am

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 11.55.37 am

Screen Shot 2015-09-26 at 11.58.27 am

And that brings an end to my take over!

Until next time, beauties!



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