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Australis AC ON TOUR Cream Highlighting and Contouring Kit // First Impression

Hi beautiful! Christy here,

This is going to be a rather quick post today as I am extremely eager to put up this post for you guys! As we all know, the beauty world is currently obsessing over highlighting and contouring, and as of late, this has translated into the mini trend of cream contouring. I have noticed that the drugstore has struggled to keep up with these upcoming trends and are often lagging behind and with those few brands that are releasing contouring/highlighting products, they aren’t of the greatest standards.

Anyway, thats enough of my rambling, basically what I’m trying to get at is that Australis is the first drugstore brand (in Australia) which has released some sort of contouring/highlighting kit. This product is the Australis AC ON TOUR Contouring & Highlighting Cream Kit for Light Complexion which sells for $24.95 in Priceline. I have not heard anything about this product and the first time I ever saw anything about it was when I was in a Priceline store browsing around. It is also worth mentioning that I have not seen the product up on the Australis or Priceline website however I did see Australis post on Instagram about it.

So basically the product comes in this white box which is similar to the original AC ON TOUR packaging which is in a black box. The packaging which the product comes in is plastic and has a large mirror which is always a major plus when it comes to palettes. A negative of this product I have to throw out there is that they only have one shade option which is light, however I am sure that Australis will be coming out with Medium and Deep shades if the light option is successful to compliment their powder AC ON TOUR range.


It may or may not be easy to tell in the images but I have to say, the shades in this kit are pretty limiting.
First off (from left to right), I think that the yellow shade is amazing and is extremely brightening. Personally I think that the second shade is too dark for a ‘light’ palette, to be able to use it as a highlight the person using the palette would probably need to be of a medium complexion. I would say that I am light-medium and I was definitely unable to use it as a highlight. The third shade has a pinky-peach tinge to it which I think is a great addition to the kit for those with dark under eye areas to be able to use to cover up any discoloration. Personally my dark circles aren’t that bad so I’m not entirely able to give you guys a full review on how great it can cover up.

Now for the contour shades, I don’t have many great things to say about this section of the palette. Now the first colour is so extremely light it basically comes up on my skin as a foundation honestly. Well maybe that is an exaggeration but it is approx. one shade lighter than my skin tone, which basically comes up as nothing. The second shade isn’t that much deeper either however it does give a bit of bronziness to the skin and does actually show up. The deepest shade is the only one which actually manages to show up on my skin and even thought it is visible, it isn’t very good for contouring since it is a mostly orange based shade. Keeping in mind I do have a light-medium complexion, these colours may show up on you if you have a fair-light complexion but even considering that, the second highlight shade would most likely be way too dark for you.


IMG_8099-0 IMG_8130-1

I don’t really have too much to say about the texture and performance of the actual product since I have only used it once and don’t want to make a rash judgement. However what I must mention is that they are extremely blendable and really easy to work with. You also would need to set the product with powder since it looks quite oily on the skin when it is not set & would most likely move around throughout the day without setting. The brushes I used to apply the product is a Real Techniques Pointed Foundation brush and I blended this out with a random kabuki brush which I bought from eBay a few years ago.


Here are some swatches of the product indoors as well as outdoors in the sunlight.

Before I wrap up this first impression of the Australis AC ON TOUR Cream Contouring & Highlighting Kit, I thought I would add that I have included some images further down, of what the product looks on my skin when applied, before setting and after setting with a powder & bronzer.

So overall I am not too happy about the shade range within the kit but also the fact that there is only one shade option however I am sure this will change as time goes on. My favourite component of the whole kit would have to be the yellow highlight shade, I think that it really is great at brightening the skin and for me it did not crease underneath the eyes. Honestly I don’t think I will be using this palette very often, except for when I am experimenting ect. because it really is a lot of effort to put in, and for right now I am content with just using my Anastasia Beverly Hills contour powders to contour with and they do give a much more natural effect. I do however recommend this to anyone who wants to experiment with cream contouring and doesn’t want to spend over $50 for those high end palettes out on the market.

I hope that you all found this first impression somewhat insightful, please let me know if you know of any other cream contour products at the drugstore because I would love to check them out!

Hope you all have a lovely day

Christy xoxo



Without setting


After setting with powder and bronzer

IMG_8237-1 IMG_8124-0IMG_8122-0

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