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Rimmel Nude Collection Lipsticks by Kate Moss

Hi gorgeous! It’s Grace here,


Today I’ll be reviewing the Rimmel London Nude Collection Lipsticks by Kate Moss and I’m very excited to do so as nude lips are very fashionable, no matter what season. I feel it’s very important that each girl, or guy, has the perfect set of nude lip shades in their collection, so I was quite thrilled to see this release. There are 5 shades in this collection and the fact that they are designed by Kate Moss is an extra plus as she is one of the most stylish fashion icons there is.

These 5 shades are from a light brown nude, a lighter pink, a orange-based light brown, a darker pinky nude and a dark vampy brown. In my personal opinion and tastes, I prefer the darkest shade, and the ones with pink undertones. But the other more orange based and lighter based nudes would be more suitable for people with a darker undertone or olive skin.




These lipsticks are a more sheer type, and aren’t as pigmented as others out there. I didn’t really expect lots of pigmentation as the whole collection is based around nudes, and naturals so I assumed they wouldn’t be over pigmented. I do find how ever these lipsticks cling to any sort of dry patches on your lips, so exfoliating before using these would be a must. The colour range for my personal preference and skin tone aren’t my favourites and I only really like the darkest shade (48) and the pinkest one (46).

The packaging and design for these lipsticks are very visually pleasing and cute to look at. All of them are covered in a sort of nude light link colour with the Kate Moss signature which adds a personal touch. It’s nice to see a consistent theme with packaging and one that looks simplistic but not too boring. Overall, I would have to say, for all of these lipsticks, they are good, but not amazing. I’m definitely going to use the ones I have with the colours that do suit me, but again, these shades would only work with certain skin tones etc, so very very dark women (or men) would have alot of difficulty with the darkest shade as its really the only one that would look “natural” and the really really light people like me, only have at least one or two shades that we may use that could really look natural again. The quality as I touched on before, is good, but not amazing. They are quite sheer and can be hard to fully cover your natural lip colour (if you were using a lighter/darker shade), and require exfoliation prior. I know that most lip products require this aswell, but sometimes we forget to exfoliate our lips (I know I do) and it can be difficult to work with consistencies like these. But, for the price (in Australian Priceline stores they are $12.95 each) which compared to other brands is relatively cheap, I consider these good value for money.




Thanks so much for reading you guys and leave a comment down below if you’ve tried these before!

Love, Grace

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