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5 Haircare Tips!

Hello gorgeous,

It’s Grace here. Today I’m giving you some of my favourite hair care tips. I know all of you readers out there must love makeup and skincare, but sometimes we forget about our hair! I know I’m a victim of this, and for a while I wouldn’t take very good care of my hair. I have quite soft, but frizzy, curly and thick hair, and have dry ends, so I try to accommodate for my hair type. My first initial pre-tip would be to check out what kind of hair you have, is it long and straight, short and thin, wavy and medium length? Whatever your hair type is, try to accommodate to that hair type. Obviously you shouldn’t be using a “oil-control” shampoo and conditioner if your hair is more dry, so take note of what you are already using on your hair.


Tip #1

  • Use a treatment or hair mask at least once a week

I know this may be irritating for some of you, but a treatment is so important for your hair! Especially if you use heat through straightening, curling, blow-drying, or even worse colouring your hair. Your hair needs a treatment at least once a week. Think of it this way, if you do take good care of your skin say, and use a serum/treatment/oil/face mask at least once a week, why wouldn’t you do the same for your hair? Not only will a treatment or hair mask repair any damage done to your hair, but you can get products which will suit to your concerns. Here are some cheaper alternatives of treatments I found:



Tip #2

  • Don’t heat-style your hair everyday

This may be hard for some of you out there with either dull or frizzy hair, but heat styling your hair everyday can damage the life of your hair overtime. I can say I used to straighten my hair everyday for at least a year, and my hair is significantly dry because of it, and I won’t necessarily regain how my hair used to be previously. At least try and not do it everyday. Try out different hairstyles like plait and braiding, buns if your hair is that much of a struggle. But come to terms with your hair is your hair, you can’t change it for the rest of your life and try and embrace the natural! Your hair will thank you later on. If you do however use heat-stylers on your hair make sure to use heat-protectant sprays and treatments.


Tip #3

  • Use an argan or moroccan oil in the ends of your hair

If you don’t already, add a moroccan/argan oil to the ends and body of the hair. Not only does it provide your hair with shine and vibrance, but it keeps your ends healthy, hydrated and moisturized. I’ve listed some of the products that I’ve tried and can vouch for being good.



Tip #4

  • Use dry shampoo!

This is a necessary for those of you who have oil-prone scalps and if you don’t already use them then you are seriously missing out. I know we all have those days of forgetting to wash our hair or not having enough time to the night before and the next morning you have an oily catastrophe on your hands! Dry shampoo is a quick and easy fix for this and can provide one day extra of cleanliness. You can even find ones that have either brown or black tints if you are a brunette and find it difficult to blend into your hair.



Tip #5

  • Stray away from washing your hair everyday

Now I know this tip might be contradicting considering what my last tip, as you do want to look clean and presentable for people if you have oiler hair, but it’s important to balance out your hairs natural oils. Washing your hair every day not only takes away essential oils from the hair but makes the hair think you aren’t producing enough oil, and it will therefore produce even more than usual. At least wash your hair every 2-3 days, and use dry shampoo if things get real crazy.


Anyway, hope you guys have enjoyed reading some of my favourite tips for hair. Remember nobody is an expert and knowledge is learnt overtime. Please feel free to share any other tips in the comment section below.

– Grace

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