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BH Cosmetics 10 Color Blush Palette // Review + Swatches

Hi beautiful! Christy here,

Blush is something that I recently started using more as I experiment with different make-up products daily. I never really was a fan of blush, but more recently I have grown to love it and notice the difference it makes every day. In order for me to experiment with a variety of blush shades I went out and bought the ‘BH Cosmetics 10 Color Blush Palette’ which includes 10 different coloured powders in the palette. BH Cosmetics always sells extremely cheap make-up products and this palette was no exception. The palette cost a low $24AUD which I bought from Urban Outfitters online, here.

IMG_9207-0 IMG_9220 IMG_9208-0

The packaging of the palette comes in sturdy plastic and is extremely thin so it is great to travel with (if you need that many blushes with you). Most of the blushes in the palette are matte, with the exception of the two middle shades which have a slight satin finish. I love that they are matte because it makes the palette much more versatile, if you wanted to add a bit of glow all you need to do is pop out your favourite highlighter.

IMG_9209-0 IMG_9210-0 IMG_9211

The first and last shade in the top row of the palette are brown shades which can definitely be used for bronzer or contouring which I think is a great addition to the palette. I love the pigmentation of these blushes, at first I was a bit intimidated by the really bright hot pinks but when knocking off excess product and applying with a light hand you avoid the over-dose on blush which is one of my biggest make-up don’t. I found that the top row is much more sheer than the bottom row so it includes a great range of sheer & more pigmented blushes.

IMG_9217 IMG_9216

This was my first ever BH Cosmetics product which I have tried and I have to say that I am extremely impressed! I cannot wait to go out and try more of this overwhelmingly affordable brand. If you are like me and love to experiment with new colours but don’t want to deal with a heavy price tag, make sure to check out BH Cosmetics. The brand is quite difficult to get a hold of in Australia but I have found it on beautyjoint & Urban Outfitters however, the range on Urban Outfitters is more limited than that of beautyjoint.

Please let me know if you have tried any products from BH cosmetics and what you think of the brand !

I hope you enjoyed this quick review and have a lovely rest of your day.

Until next time,

Christy xoxo



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