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Hello gorgeous friends!

It’s Grace here and today I have a lovely little beauty haul for you and a mini review. I’ve been shopping so much lately because it was my birthday but also because when I get money I can’t help myself. I did a few trips from BeautyBay and Sephora and some from Anastasia Beverly Hills and Mecca and I don’t know about you guys but online shopping (or just shopping in general) for makeup in particular is just so satisfying and when you purchase an item you are 100% in love with it is an amazing feeling. I’ve tried all of these items so I’ll give you an honest review of how I feel.



So first off, Sephora….

This was the original reason why I did my first haul as I tried this amazingly raved about product in store and thought I finally had to get one for myself. I chose the colour blonde and I’m really impressed with this product! It gives me a very structured full looking brow which is something I’ve never really done before and I really love it. Would 100% recommend and I will be repurchasing.

I decided to purchase this clay liner as I’ve always been shitty at liner (especially felt tip ones) so I thought a liner that’s more of a cream formation that comes out of a tube would be easier to use, and I definitely see this. For me, a liner like this with a specified brush helps me easily apply liner and create that flick. I’m still a rookie though so I use the good old tape trick/sticky note and I get an amazing effect. I was a little disappointed however because the brush advertised on the website wasn’t the one I received. I possibly will repurchase.

Yet another Tarte product I bought (to be fair everything’s off limits on Black Friday) and I really love it. This brush originally designed for powders is amazing for buffing not only powder but liquid and cream as well on the skin. It’s amazingly created with a very dense set of brush bristles which create an airbrushed effect. I will admit however I do follow through with my BeautyBlender because I can’t live without it in my makeup routine.

My very used up Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer is almost finished and I decided to try out some new concealers. Although I had swatched this product once before in Sephora, looked up heaps of swatched photos and managed to chose the lightest shade this colour is a little bit too dark for me. The concealer on its own however is very lovely, the packaging is immaculate (as expected), and it has a lovely cooling effect due to its “patented palladium applicator”. I still use this product because it has a pink undertone which helps colour correct my dark circles away and it blends out very naturally, but I won’t repurchase.



Next up.. Beautybay

This brush designed for precise contouring is a dream to work with. It says it can be used with liquid, cream and powder, but I’ve found it works the best with powders. I usually use this brush with creams however and I still get a very natural blended out look. When I first got this brush however I was surprised at how small and thin it is, but regardless I am really enjoying using this brush.

This amazing highlighting brush in the bamboo form is really a great addition to my ever-expanding collection. I really find this useful for when you are highlighting in a triangle underneath your eyes and then underneath where your contour is. The brush is the perfect size and I love baking (leaving loose powder on the face to decrease getting creases) with it.

I have a little bit of a love/hate relationship with this spray. I am in love with the way it makes my skin feel on really hot days and even over my makeup throughout the day to make my face stay hydrated. It smells amazing and has the best cooling effect I’ve ever found with facial sprays. But — and this is a big but, I get a sort of allergic reaction to this product so I can’t use it anymore. If you don’t have sensitive skin, I would 100% recommend this but if you do, I would be careful before purchasing.



Anastasia Beverly Hills

While the sales were going on I had to indulge in this illuminator which I’d had my eye on for ages. This is very pigmented and blends in seamlessly into the skin. I wouldn’t say it’s very natural but I still like it as more of a dramatic highlight. I’m not sure however if I would repurchase just because of the price.

I got this brush with the illuminator as there was a sale on where if you bought the illuminator the brush would be free and I really love using this. It’s the perfect size and shape but overall I wouldn’t recommend spending your money on this brush as their are cheaper alternatives.




I had run out of my favourite setting powder so I decided to give this product a go and I really like it! It’s very very finely milled, and has a lovely pink undertone. The product sort of reminds me of Laura Mercier’s Loose Setting Powder in Translucent except this powder is actually translucent. I have probably said this a million times but I have the fairest of skin and every time a product works for me and is the right shade I’m a very happy customer. It also helped my eye makeup not crease and I stayed oil-free the whole night that I first wore it. This is my new favourite loose powder and I’ll definitely be repurchasing this!



Anyway I hope you guys have enjoyed this little haul that I’ve done for you, I also included underneath all of the makeup products if I’ll be repurchasing this. Hope you all are having a lovely day!

Lots of love,

Grace xx

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