5 Accessories To Totally Transform Any Outfit

Is it just me, or does it always feel like an outfit loses its sparkle after you’ve worn it (or have already taken pictures in it)? It no longer seems special, and you don’t even have the desire to wear it anymore. Of course it would be ideal to be able to purchase new outfits after just one wear, but unfortunately the majority of us do not have that luxury.

So it forces us to get a little creative. We have to ask ourselves, how can I make this outfit look and feel new again? What can I do to transform it so that even I won’t recognise it? They say that invention is mother of necessity, and I agree—even when it comes to fashion! Because we need new outfits, we are challenged to be creative and invent new ones with the things we already own. Accessories like shoes, headwear, and jewellery are just three of many things that can instantly transform an outfit and make it feel new again.

If you need to amp up an outfit, consider adding one of these five accessories.

1. Statement Necklace

One simple way to make an outfit new again is to add a statement necklace either to bring a new bold colour into the palette, or to add some bling to a boring look. To be on-trend this season, try one of the breastplate styles that, when layered atop a blouse or tee, creates an embellished neckline with bold metals and ornate detail.


2. Wide-Brimmed Hat

Is your look lacking personality? Wide-brimmed hats are extremely popular right now and thus are acceptable with just about any outfit. Consult this “31 Days of Styling” guide if you don’t believe me. Adding a structured hat, no matter how big or small, is sure to add a completely different feel to your outfit (think Western influence).

3. Sneakers

Although we will always love our heels for the instant sex appeal they bring to the table, there is new footwear that’s taking the fashion scene by storm—and it’s much more comfortable than a pair of stilettos. Say hello to fashion sneakers. They might be a bit of an investment, but they ooze street chicness, so much so that this website decided to name a page in their favor: “I Keep Seeing Girls in Cool Sneakers and Want a Pair Too.”

4. Quirky Socks

This trend is not for the fashion shy, but it is extremely fun! Quirky socks are being paired with everything from trainers to heels, and they definitely add a whole new vibe to your look. For a little more help on pairing socks with heels (let’s be honest, it’s not exactly simple!), this article gathered runway-inspired looks to give you some visuals.

5. Eye-Catching Eyewear

When all else fails, try a pair of glasses with non-prescription frames that will smarten up your look. Fun and flirtatious frames like cat-eye and over-sized styles are sure to grab people’s attention. Try a pair that errs on the cheaper side so that if you get bored with the shape, you can easily change them out without feeling the burn in your wallet.

Hope you all have a beautiful weekend!

AUTHOR BIO: Jessie Cochran is an Australia based writer adamant about sleeping in on Saturdays. She loves going to concerts with friends and hanging out with her pet parakeet, Lucy.
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