My Current Everyday Summer Make Up Look

Hi beautiful! Christy here,

I feel like it has been such a long time since I have shared any type of make-up look on here, which is why I have decided to share with you guys my current go to make up look which I have been basically doing all throughout these Summer school holidays. When I laid out all the products that I use I was honestly so surprised at how much I really use on an everyday basis. Now, when I say ‘everyday’ basis, I mean, when I go out, shopping, to lunch etc. this is when I would do this type of make up look, if I was having a chill day at home I wouldn’t apply any make-up at all.

Before I start telling you guys what I use on a regular basis I must throw it out there that if I am in a hurry or I simply am not bothered to spend that much time on my make up I often skip some steps such as brow gel, eyeshadow primer, concealer etc, it all just depends on how I am feeling on that day, which I am sure you all can relate with! All of the products I will be listing are products that I trust and have used for some time, I come back to these products when I need to ensure that my make up will look flawless and will stay put throughout the day.

img_0265 img_0321

These products aren’t necessarily in order from how I apply them because I tend to switch it up day to day.


img_0272 img_0267


img_0270 img_0292

Eyes & Eyebrows:

img_0268 img_0322


img_0269 img_0331

So that’s pretty much what I love to put on my face every morning when I do my make up routine ! I hope you guys found some new products which you might want to try out from this post and can see how they look on someone else. I really am intrigued to know, do you switch up your make up products between seasons, and if yes, what products do you rotate?

I hope you all have a lovely rest of your week, until next time.

Christy xoxo

img_0305 img_0284 img_0296 img_0285 img_0289

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