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Rimmel London The Only One Lipsticks // Review + Swatches

Hey Beautiful! Christy here,

Lipsticks, can one girl ever have too much? Never. When I received a little package containing these new Rimmel London The Only One Lipsticks I got so excited! Rimmel is “pleased to announce the launch of their newest lipstick range, The Only One … set to challenge lipstick history.” It claims to contain “intense, high-impact shades” with an “ultra-comfortable, weightless feel” to “indulge lips in luscious moisture.” I was given six out of the __ lipsticks in the range to test out and review for you guys. So  I guess I’ll just jump right into it.

img_1490  img_1487

I’m going to start off with the packaging since that is the first thing that I noticed when opening up the package. The lipstick lids are made of plastic, nothing too fancy and just looks like your typical lipstick apart from the slightly slanted top of the lid. I have to say that I really like how at the bottom of the lipstick there is a small band of colour which displays what colour the lipstick is which adds a little something extra to the otherwise plain packaging.

Now putting packaging aside and getting on with the actual lipstick. The lipstick bullet is cut flat at kind of an angle, (if that made any sense) you can see in these images below what I’m trying to get at. Basically, it’s not your average lipstick bullet which most make-up companies stick to. When I saw this bullet cut I assumed that they would be sheer lipsticks since it would be harder to get a precise edge with such a flat top but I was horribly mistaken. I first swatched these on my arm to find that these lipsticks are extremely pigmented, and the colours I received are especially bright and bold. When I was applying the lipsticks on my lips I found that it was difficult to apply with precision and took some time to get a nice application (this was without using a lip liner). Once applying the lipstick and wearing it for a few minutes it did dry down a bit and turned a bit more matte, however it wasn’t completely matte and definitely could transfer off quite easily.

img_1489  img_1488

I wore the lipstick for the first time last Saturday when I was going out for lunch in the city. That day I had sushi for lunch and by the end of my meal the majority of the lipstick had come off my lips, however there was a light tint of red left behind. So basically, these aren’t long wearing and if you wanted a long-wearing lipstick I would definitely recommend a liquid lipstick, especially the Colour Pop Ultra Mattes which I just tried out today and seem amazing (especially for their low price).

My final verdict is that these lipsticks are nice and they feel light-weight on the lips. But if you are into lipsticks that have long wear times, it is time to turn away. It also needless to say that if you wanted to wear this lipstick and you aren’t a professional at applying lipstick you will definitely need to use a lip liner before hand or apply the lipstick with a lip brush. The colours in the range are beautiful no doubt and my favourite would definitely have to be One-Of-A-Kind. I have included some arm swatches down below and will list the colour names from left to right.

That’s it from me, I hope you guys found this review helpful when you are considering your next lipstick purchase, and please let me know, are you a liquid lipstick gal or are you into the traditional lipsticks.

Hope you all have a lovely rest of your week.

Christy xoxo


From left to right:

300 – Listen Up!, 500 – Revolution Red, 610 – Cheeky Coral, 620 – Call Me Crazy! – 710 – Easy Does it, 810 – One-Of-A-Kind.


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