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My Current Colourpop Collection

Hey beautiful! Christy here,

One of my current favourite make-up brands definitely has to be Colourpop Cosmetics. Colourpop is always stepping up their game and has been such an unavoidable  brand in the industry, they are doing such such such an amazing job with all of their products. If you haven’t heard of Colourpop (you probably all have, but just in case!) you can check their website out here:

So in today’s post, I will be sharing with you guys my current Colourpop collection, it isn’t that big of a collection but I love the brand so much that I had to dedicate a whole post to their products. The products are just so affordable and such amazing quality I really have no clue how they manage to bring out such amazing products, and continue to do so with such frequent releases of products. As always these products will be in no particular order, so let’s get into it!

Supershock Eyeshadow $5 USD each

The colourpop eyeshadows are such go-to shadows which are such a unique formula and really pack a punch. Their shade range is amazing but I have to say I would recommend the metallic shades over the matte formula. Adding a little bit of Colourpop eyeshadow on the lid just makes a whole eye look pop, it never lets you down.

img_4167-2 img_4204-2

La La –

Described as a true rose gold in an Ultra Metallic Finish, this shadow is perfect for an everyday eye look, it isn’t too sparkly so it is gorgeous all over the lid.

Birthday Girl – This shade is actually limited edition but I will link a few which I think are similar:



This shade is so beautiful and shimmery but again a neutral shade so it can be pulled off for a day time look.

I Heart This –

Ok really though, this name is so relevant?! I really do love this, I would have to say this is my most used Colourpop shadow, it’s described as a cool-toned silvery taupe with multi-coloured glitter. I just love it because I am the queen of shiny!

Hustle –

Described as a burgundy, violet with a matte finish, this is the only matte shade I own from Colourpop and to tell you the truth, I wasn’t that impressed, the reason why I have hit pan on my shadow is because I found it so difficult to actually pick up product it just kept disappearing? I don’t know maybe I’m doing it wrong, but I’ll stick to my metallics for now!

Get Lucky –

 A beautiful ultra-metallic, true gold shadow, perfect for any gold lovers out there, again could be used all over the lid since it is a bit more neutral and doesn’t glitter in it.
This is the most intense silver shadow I have ever owned, it really is an intense ultra-metallic true silver. Honestly it is quite difficult to find places to wear this but it is always great to have it there for when I need it.
img_4172-2 img_4171-2
Outdoor – Indoor
Supershock Cheek $8 USD each
I love Colourpop’s wide range of highlighters, they have such an amazing range there is something for every skin tone. The highlighter’s are honestly one of my favourites, they are so so so so pigmented and look beautiful on the cheek when applied well (I use my fingers and dab it around the areas I want highlighted). I’m not a major fan of their bronzers, I prefer to stick to powders because that is what I find works for me and is the easiest to apply.
img_4175-2 img_4180-2
Top: Stole the Show, Lunch Money
Bottom: Wisp, Skinny Dip
I actually got this as a sample once, I had no idea why but I figured it was because me and my friends made such a large order they decided to throw one in there for us which was super sweet. It’s described as a light cool-toned gold with luminous flashes of pink, silver and gold, this is amazing for my fair skin girls!
This is a soft light gold with a reflective golden duo chrome finish, such a beautiful highlighter, also great for my light-medium girls.
A golden champagne with highly reflective hues of gold duo chrome finishes. On my skin tone, it gives more of a glow instead of a highlight, it’s basically the colour of my skin tone with a bit of shine so if you’re fair, don’t step near this one! However it is perfect for my medium and darker girls.
As I said previously, I wasn’t a major fan of their bronzers and honestly I feel like mine has dried up since I purchased it, which is kind of odd since I keep it in a drawer with all my other Colourpop products and they’re all fine, hmmm.
img_4202-2 img_4187-2
Ultra Matte Lips $5 USD each
These are such amazing liquid lipsticks, especially for their extremely low price, again their colour shades are AMAZING and their packaging doesn’t look cheap at all, I have nothing negative to say about these products?
img_4184-2 img_4189-2
Top to bottom: StringRAYE, Beeper, Silhouette
This is described as a cool mauve toned brown but on me I find it has more of a purple undertone whenever I wear it.
A  warm mid-tone taupe, apparently this is a dupe for the Kylie Lip Kit in Dolce K which is why I purchased it and I really love it, I don’t really have shade like this which is nice.
One of my favourite red’s and is really flattering on my skin tone I’m really upset it got discontinued 🙁
Colourpop Brow Pot – $6USD each

It’s currently sold out, but I’m sure it will come in stock soon!

This is one of the more recent additions to my collection and I have to say I really do love it! It’s really easy to apply and is really creamy so not too much effort has to be put in when applying it. I would compare it to my Dip Brow Pomade by Anastasia but it’s dried out so my comparison wouldn’t be too accurate.

I hope you guys enjoyed having a little snoop in my Colourpop collection, as you hopefully can tell, I am a major fan of their products and cannot wait to keep adding to my collection! Let me know if you have tried out any of the Colourpop products and if you have, what is your favourite?


That’s all for now, hope you all have an amazing next week! & Happy Easter 🙂


Christy xoxo
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