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Current Top 5 Lip Faves

Hey beautiful! Christy here,

While I was brainstorming blog post ideas, the first thing that came into my mind was how I was going to incorporate my new prized possession within my make up collection, the Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit in Candy K. I decided against posting a review on it just yet since I’ve only had it for a couple of days, but rest assured one will be coming, from either myself or Carmelita. So as you can clearly tell, I have decided to list for y’all, my current Top 5 Lip Favourites. These aren’t in any particular order since they are all completely different and I love them for completely different reasons. So let us begin!


Kylie Cosmetics Lip Kit – Candy K $40 AUD
Of course I had to include this, the muse of this whole post. I have waited a few months to gain my hands on this product and to sum up how excited I was to receive this in the mail, I screamed so loud that my mother came downstairs and told me I was crazy (something I already knew). We all know that liquid lipsticks are a huge trend right now, and honestly I don’t have many to compare this one to, but when I do wear it, it feels weightless, definitely does not budge and dries completely matte, which is what I look for in an A+ liquid lipstick. The colour of this is extremely unique and is absolutely gorgeous, I really don’t have anything like it within my collection. The lip liner which comes with it is also amazingly creamy and easy to apply, the only problem I have with it is that I have a feeling I will run out of the lip liner before the liquid lipstick and since they aren’t sold separately, I will have to buy the whole kit again if this does happen. The price of the kit is $29USD which comes to around $40AUD, I know that some people think this is pricey, but in all honesty, it is quite affordable if compared to higher end products since it comes with both an extremely great quality lip liner and a liquid lipstick.


Marc Jacobs New Nudes Sheer Gel Lipstick – Anais $43 AUD
Moving away from the matte finish for now, this lipstick is my current favourite throw on nude whenever I am in doubt. It is on the sheer side as suggested by the name of it but thats that I think makes it perfect for the every day make up look when not much effort is required. This lipstick does not stay on throughout the day and is definitely one which needs to be retouched. This lipstick also feels extremely lightweight on the lips and extremely creamy so if you aren’t into the matte trend this is something I would recommend. I also absolutely love the packaging of it and think the magnetic closure is such a luxurious touch to the lipstick.
Nars Lip Gloss – Orgasm $41 AUD
Honestly, I’m not the kind of girl who is into her glossy lips, but this Nars lip gloss just makes an exception. During the summer, I would wear this all. the. fucking. time. especially when it was a really nice day outside and I felt super Summery, I would just throw this on and my look would be pulled together, I absolutely loved wearing this paired with a coral shimmery blush which complemented the lip gloss perfectly. This lipgloss is the perfect peachy pink gloss with heaps of golden shimmer running throughout. I can’t believe it took me so long to find such a perfect lip gloss. Even though I hate the feeling of having lip gloss on when my hair is out (we all know can agree how annoying it is when it gets stuck in your hair), I pull through and manage to keep wearing it, and that says a lot about a product!
Rimmel The Only 1 Lipstick – One-Of-A-Kind $15.95 AUD
Now that’s enough for the nudes! I recently did a review  on this line of lipsticks and in the recent weeks have really been gravitating towards this lipstick even though it is a bit more of an Autumn/Winter shade, I have been really enjoying it. I have a feeling I’ll be seen with this on an awful lot throughout the Autumn/Winter seasons. I just think that this colour in particular is absolutely gorgeous and amazing for when I’m feeling like an extra bold lip.
Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip – Silhouette $7 AUD
Unfortunately, this particular shade of Ultra Matte Lip has been discontinued [ 🙁 ] but I will link two which are the most similar from Colourpop. Recently I have fallen back in love with red lips as I started to get compliments whenever I wore a red lip and this is my current fave. We all know how difficult it is to maintain that bold red lip throughout the day without smudging so now whenever I wear a red lip it is most likely a liquid lipstick.  If you have been wanting to join the liquid lipstick train but are either on a tight budget or not sure if it is for you, I highly recommend you check out the Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip’s first. These liquid lipsticks are insanely pigmented, super long wearing and the shade range is endless! I am such a huge fan of Colourpop and would recommend their products to anybody, especially for the price. If you ended up not liking their liquid lipsticks, just think of the price as an equivalent to a KFC lunch meal, you might of been better off without it anyway.
That’s all for my current top 5 lip favourites! I hope you guys found this interesting to see what I have been loving and keeping in my handbag throughout the Australian Summer of 2016. Let me know what your all time favourite lip product is, and also, are you a fan of liquid lipsticks? I would love to know. Hope you all have a lovely week, bye!
Christy xoxo
From right to left:
Kylie Lip Kit – Candy K lip liner + liquid lipstick, Marc Jacobs Nudes Sheer Gel – Anais, Nars Orgasm Lip Gloss, Rimmel The Only 1 Lipstick – One-Of-A-Kind, Colourpop Ultra Matte Lip – Silhouette
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