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Current Top 5 Must Watch People on Youtube

Hey Beautiful! Christy here, 

Youtube. What a life-changing platform. There is so much to be said about such a beautiful website, so that’s why I’m going to give it to you nice and quick, my current top 5 picks of who to watch on youtube. If these people never started a youtube channel, I honestly don’t want to know what my make up application would look like. I owe so much to these fellow beauty enthusiasts. As usual, these amazing talented people won’t be listed in any particular order.


Wayne Goss: 

Since Wayne is a professional make up artist as well as a youtuber, he really does practice what he teaches. Wayne rarely puts out full-face tutorials but instead opts for reviews and little tips and tricks to improve the wear and look of the average persons make-up. The one thing I love about Wayne’s videos which is really quite rare on the youtube world, is that his videos are short! Looking at his most recent 15 videos, his longest is 6:49 minutes. I have so much to say about Wayne I could probably write a whole post about him and all the things I’ve learnt from him, but I’ll leave it here, hoping you will check out his amazing channel.


Kathleen Lights:

Kathleen is such an amazing person to watch on youtube, the thing I think which makes her most appealing is her personality, she has such a great humor which really adds a quirky touch to her videos. She seems like such a humble and sweet person which I have no doubt that she is. My favourite videos which Kathleen puts out have to be her tutorials and beauty hauls. She is a fair girl like me which I love because it allows me to see what make up products will best flatter my skin colour, especially regarding lipsticks which especially look different depending on skin colour.


Glam Life Guru (Tati):

I have been watching Tati for quite a while now and really admire how much hard work she puts into her youtube channel. She uploads videos everyday (or 5 days a week?) which I think is so amazing for the high quality videos she puts out. She is so honest about each product review she does which I think is a MUST for all youtubers. I would say my favourite videos she creates would have to be her dupe videos as well as her drugstore videos. Tati uses a large amount of drugstore products which I love because she treats all products as equals, no matter what the price of it is and she caters to a large audience.


Chloe Morello:

I just had to include an Australia youtuber and Chloe is definitely my current favourite Australian youtuber. The reason I love Chloe’s videos are because she really is amazing at applying make-up, she knows what shes doing and she does it well. For this reason I love watching her make-up tutorials because they are so gorgeous. I just wish she did upload more frequently because I love her videos 🙁 but that being said, she is quite consistent with uploading which I LOVE.


Shaaanxo (Shannon):

The one major thing I love about Shannon is that she never fails to produce amazing quality tutorials which are always incorporating new products and new looks. I love watching her tutorials because they encourage me to put myself out there and do more daring looks once in a while. Even if I don’t re-create the look exactly I end up pulling out different elements of the look.



Gary Vaynerchuk (Gaz):

So Gary here, clearly has nothing to do with beauty, but I just had to add him in because I’ve recently been obsessed with watching his Youtube videos. He basically produces a mixture of vlogs and #AskGaryVee videos which are based around the marketing and business world. The real reason why I started getting into his videos was because one regular afternoon I decided to watch one of his videos which was about 20 minutes long, and I stayed intrigued the whole time, and honestly that’s quite rare for me, so I was like woah what is up with that? I literally could spend hours just watching Gary speak (and honestly, I already have). I think his videos are so interesting and it’s amazing to see into the eyes of a successful businessman/entrepreneur which is the industry I see myself getting into once I complete high school.

I think everyone needs to see this little preview of what Gary is about.

So that’s it for my list of who I think you should all subscribe to on Youtube!

If there’s anyone that you think I NEED to check out on Youtube, hit me up in the comments and I’ll 100% check them out. Until next time, I hope you all have an amazing week.

Christy xoxo

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