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Update Your Business Look Nude and White Rhapsody

Mastering a business look can pose as somewhat a challenge; not everyone has that business-y feel about their clothes which may cause them to feel frustrated each time they open their wardrobe to get ready for work. However, thanks to business stylists and designers with a female built and need in mind, we’ve gathered some pretty amazing tips and hacks that can help us all look stunning at our workplace and yet keep everything business and classy.

Here are some of our favorite combinations you can rely on for a perfect professional look.

Dressed up Jumpsuits

You’ve surely notes that jumpsuits are a big hit this season which gives us the opportunity to adapt it as part of our business clothes, too. Unlike a chill and casual outing you’d wear a jumpsuit to, probably upgraded with a stylish pair of pumps and heavy jewelry, for office – you’ll combine it with a pair of ladylike kitten–heel pumps and modest necklace to compliment the look.


As for the color palette, fashion stylists advise embracing nudes for easy Spring days at the office combined with a navy or black blazer for the perfect contrast. For those of you who are looking to mimic the wonderful Spring vibe in their clothes, pastel colors are everything! They pop just enough while at the same time keeping the demure vibe evident, also. Hair in a bun or loose, your choice!

Pencil Skirt

Thanks to likes of Kim Kardashian, pencil skirts aren’t planning on going anywhere and we’re loving it! A pencil skirt can be a super chic option for a classy night out or a fantastic piece of business wardrobe, especially when paired with a matching blouse or a light blouse in a contrasting color.


For office, we’d always suggest opting for navy, gray, black and dark green tones for a pencil skirt and shirts in colors like beige, eggshell, navy, green, ocher and other toned down colors. Throw in a jacket over your ensemble, and you’ll look amazing!
A Suit

A suit is forever a piece that both men and women can rely on for a super professional look. Combined with the right accessory, a suit won’t look too serious so you’ll get to keep the young vibe around you.

As for color, nude and white work perfect as the opposite of dark tones which are characteristic of the business look. These colors are particularly suitable for the spring, they are clean and are demanding flawless cuts and straight lines, and you still get to avoid the dark and drab vibe of a typical business piece of clothing.


Surprisingly, light colors work perfectly for both men and women, but if men feel too bright colors aren’t their thing, they can try with nude shades for their custom dress shirts and pair them up with colors like – gray, navy blue, sand and the like, given all of them work perfectly with nudes. If women are into custom tailored pieces, this may be their option as well.

Cigarette Pant

A pant is always that one piece of clothing you can trust; combined with the right shirt, it will look classy, sophisticated and styled and you’ll never run the risk of looking too anything – a cigarette pant elongates the figure and gives you options to experiment with tops – a wider top will give your outfit a more laid back style while a fitted shirt or a fitted blouse will keep you on a sturdier side.


As long as you stay within lines of good taste, experimenting with a cigarette pant is everything! Add kitten-pumps to the mix and you are ready to go!

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Sophia Smith is Australian based fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. She could be described as fashion addict and life lover. She writes mostly in fashion and beauty related topics, mainly through blogs and articles. Sophia is regular contributor at High Style Life.


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