What’s In My Z-Palette

Hey beautiful, Christy here!

Z-Palettes are truly a wonderful invention, whoever designed these products and sold them is clearly a genius, but we all know that. I love seeing what people have stuck into their palette, so this is post is for those people who are like me and love to take a nosy peek into what is in another gal’s z-palette. Most of the stuff in here is highlighting-contouring, simply because I don’t own many single-easy-to-depot-eyeshadows.

Before I start I’m going to point out that I really do love the Anastasia Beverly Hills contour refills – these powders come in 29 shades at $14USD each, but if you buy 6 and put them in a customisable palette, it only will cost you $40USD , that saves you a massive $44! Anyway, now that that’s aside, into the real shit:


To the left:

img_6004 img_6011

Sand – Anastasia Beverly Hills
This one came in the original Contour Kit by ABH, it’s a pretty light pink shimmery highlight, perfect for a natural glow.

Champagne – Anastasia Beverly Hills 
As the name suggests, it is a light champagne colour, also a shimmery highlight, this one is also pretty subtle, if you’re looking for an intense highlighter from ABH I would definitely recommend her illuminators. 

Vanilla – Anastasia Beverly Hills
Also from the original Contour Kit – it’s described as a pale cream – great for setting under eye concealer for the lighter girls

Banana – Anastasia Beverly Hills
Another one from the original Contour Kit, just as it says, a perfect yellowy banana shade, perfect for brightening under the eyes to wake up the complexion.

Voltage – Makeup Geek
This could be used as a highlighter if you want a really intense highlight but it’s a gorgeous duochrome eyeshadow which is a vanilla base with amazing champagne-yellow reflects

Barcelona Beach – Makeup Geek 
This is a cult classic from makeup geek, it’s a cool toned medium brown, AMAZING crease shade, could also be used to contour

Random Sun in the middle – Rimmel 
I can’t remember what this one is called but here’s a similar option. Basically, it fell out of it’s original packaging so I threw it into my z-palette, not too much of a fan of this one, I tend to stick to the other colours in my palette.

To the right:

img_6005 img_6007

Cholate Soleil Matte Bronzer – Too Faced 
This is a sample size which I got of one of my favourite bronzers. I threw it in here for when I need to travel

Ash Brown – Anastasia Beverly Hills
This one is a cool medium brown, this one is more pigmented than the ‘Fawn’ shade, similar colour family just a few shades darker

Havana – Anastasia Beverly Hills
This colour is an amazing warm brown, perfect for bronzing up the skin

Fawn – Anastasia Beverly Hills
It’s described as tawny, whatever that means, it’s basically a really light cool toned contour colour, perfect for the paler girls – it is buildable

Clay – Anastasia Beverly Hills
A deep red brown – this one’s a bit too dark for me so I tend to use it when I’m a bit darker with fake tan on

Java – Anastasia Beverly Hills
Mocha is similar to Havana yet slightly more cool toned

So that’s it for everything in z-palette! Hope you guys enjoyed checking it out, let me know what’s in your z-palette! As I said before, I love hearing different people’s purposes for their palettes.

Christy xoxo

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