5 Beauty Products I’m Loving Right Now

Hey beauties, Carmelita here!

Every time I do a post about beauty, I feel like I always say “It’s been a while since I’ve done a beauty post”. But it is no lie! I want to share with you guys my 5 favourite beauty products I’m loving right now. Some of the things I love right now I’ve either had for a while and found a new love for it, or I caved into the rave and bought it.

Lets begin!

1) RCMA No Colour Powder

I first heard about this product from Wayne Goss over on YouTube, he completely raved about it and ever since then I wanted to get my hands on it. It seemed too good to be true, so naturally — I wanted to try it out myself. This powder lives up to every expectation and hype. The RCMA powder gives the most beautiful finish, it sets my makeup flawlessly and doesn’t shine at all throughout the day (which I am very impressed with because my face is as oily as McDonalds chips) and because it doesn’t have an translucent pigments, the colour of my base does not change at all — super A++++

2) Morphe 35T Taupe Palette

Now this palette, I bought it during the summer and never really used it because of it’s dark tones and now that it’s the Autumn/Winter season, it’s the perfect season to wear this palette. This is my first Morphe eyeshadow palette and I am overall very dazzeled by it. These days, I find myself drawing towards this palette over my Tartlette palette. All shades are very wearable, you can rock a daytime or a night time look because all the shades are extremely versatile for the dark and gloomy Winter season

3) Colourpop Brows 

When I found out Colourpop were coming out with brow products, every single inch of me knew I needed to have it. I got both the brow pencil and the pot, and let me tell you right now — if you have the ABH Brow Wiz and Pomade, you must try the Colourpop ones. You’re life will literally change, they are to me honestly the same products. The consistency and pigmentation is the same as for the Brow Wiz and Colourpop Pencil. However, I find that the Colourpop pot forumula just an inch better than the Dipbrow Pomade. The Colourpop pot doesn’t dry out as quickly as the Pomade

4) LA Pro Girl Concealer 

These concealers are a joy to contour with. I contour with this in the shade ‘Espresso’ and it just defines my face like a dream. They come in such a wide colour range that I’m sure you can find your shade whether it would be to actually conceal, or contour and highlight. I definitely plan on collecting more shades (I got my eye on the colour correcting set). The only reason I don’t have a lot of these is because no Australia stores carry the L.A Girl brand, so I have to buy them online and shipping is hefty let me tell you that.

5) Kylie Lipkit

Hype, rave, overrated. Those were the first thoughts that came into my mind when the lipkits came out. There were a ton of mixed reviews for the lipkits, so seemingly, I wanted to try it out for myself. I have Dolche and Posie. The liquid lipstick its self is the exact same formula as the Colourpop Ultra Matte. It’s not too drying, doesn’t crack and isn’t sticky – which is are all elements that all liquid lipsticks need to have, and the Kylie Lipkit ticks it all. The lip liner is also a dream, so I guess this is what makes the lipkit pop-out from Colourpop.

Thanks guys for reading. What are your favourite products right now?

Until next time,



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