How I Clean My Make Up Brushes!

Hey, beautiful! Christy here,

We all know how important it is to clean our makeup brushes, and to do so frequently, which is why I try to keep my brush cleaning routine as simple and hassle free as possible. So today I’ll be showing you guys what I use to clean my brushes, although it’s not rocket science, I know that when I first started out I honestly had no clue if I was doing it right.


  1. To start off I run all the brushes I am going to be cleaning under a tap to wet them. This makes the process a bit easier so I don’t have to keep on turning the tap on and off between washes.
  2. After that, I get a small bowl and dispense some Johnsons Baby Conditioning Shampoo into it. I love using this to clean my brushes because it is really affordable and doesn’t damage the brushes as it is made for babies so it’s really soft and gentle on the brushes.
  3. I then dip the first brush into the liquid
  4. Then I grab my Egg Brush Cleaner (recommended by Kathleen Lights). This product is the whole reason I wanted to make this post, it has changed the way I clean my brushes. It is such an affordable product, I got mine for $4 but you can get them for cheaper if you’re willing to wait a few weeks. You can find these on eBay – just type in Egg Brush Cleaner – I basically swirl the brush between the grooves which makes the shampoo soap up and clean the brush thoroughly. The product is so amazing because it cleans the brushes so effortlessly before I found this product I would sometimes have to re-wash the brush 2-3 times because it wasn’t completely clean, but with this product, I never have that problem.
  5. I then rinse off the suds, squeeze the majority of the water out and lay the brush on a clean towel to dry overnight.
  6. To clean smaller brushes & eyeshadow brushes I use the top section of the Egg Brush Cleaner to really get in there and get a deep clean.

Let me know, how do you clean your brushes, do you use a similar device?

Christy xoxo


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