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Hong Kong Beauty Haul: Asian Beauty Review – Etude House, KIKO, SaSa

Last month, I travelled to Hong Kong with my Mum for 2 weeks and while I was there, I discovered some interesting and new favourite make-up & skincare finds that I would love to share. While on my hunt for exciting Asian beauty discoveries I realised the huge difference in make-up & skincare available in Hong Kong.

  1. They didn’t have a Sephora or a Mecca – their closest to was SaSa, housing drugstore priced products.
  2. A shockingly low colour range for base products in most stores, basically two options, very fair and fair.
  3. Brands we are often used to such as Too Faced, Tarte & Urban Decay were nowhere to be seen.
  4. A – fuck – load – of – lip – tint

When deciding on what products to bring back to Sydney with me, I made sure to stick to products I knew wouldn’t be able to be found in Australia easily.

Having about a month to play around with my new additions, I would love to share my thoughts on them with you!

SASA – Scent of Rose Oil Blotting Paper (about $2 AUD)

These blotting sheets looked absolutely adorable, I had never heard of rose-scented blotting sheets before!

This little pack came with 160 sheets and it is perfect for swiping away unwanted shine while also giving you a faint whiff of rose.

Now that I have tried these I refuse to use boring plain blotting sheets and I hope a brand introduces a line with more scents, cupcake scented blotting sheets anyone?

Beauty Blender Fake + Stand (around $3 AUD)

The only reason why I bought this was for the stand. How freaking cute is it! & it was such a bargain.

I don’t use the sponge but I did try it out – it was very dense and hard compared to my Beauty Blender  which I was not a fan of.

AUSSIE – 3 Miracle Oil Reconstructor (about $10 AUD) 

With a name like Aussie, you would think the product would be found all over Australian shelves right? Nope. Funnily enough, it is a British based company which I have never seen in an ‘Aussie’  stores. I had heard great things about the line so I tested it out. I don’t take enough care of my hair and it has become quite damaged over the years so I thought the ‘intensive care’ route was the way to go.

So far I have been loving what it has done for my hair, it has an amazing scent and most importantly has definitely revitalised my hair and given it an amazing shine whenever I use it.

SEMBEM – Blackhead Remover Brush (around $3 AUD)

When I first tried this tool I didn’t really know how to use it and I thought it was a waste of time. But recently I gave it another shot just after washing my skin and it felt like it did a decent job.

I typically use it when my face is wet, and find it moves across the skin easier. I wouldn’t say the product got rid of my blackheads but it definitely did a good exfoliation job.

ETUDE HOUSE – Natural Konjac Face Cleansing Puff (around $5 AUD)

I cannot explain to you, how much I am obsessed with this little guy!

It’s a natural cleansing puff made with konjac (a plant) which you soak with water and then use to massage your face.
I typically use it with a cleanser and find that it works best when my face is already wet.

Genuinely, I don’t know how to explain to you how amazing it is, you won’t believe how soft it is until you try it (because it looks as hard as a rock) but it just reaches those curves around the nose so easily and I feel like I have a solid clean after using it.

ETUDE HOUSE – Play 101 Stick 02 Contour Duo (around $20 AUD)

I’m not usually a cream contour kind of girl, I find it too time-consuming since you’re meant to set it with another contour powder on top, but I wanted to step outside my comfort zone so I bought this cute duo stick with a contour shade on one side and a highlight on the other.

The contour side is very pigmented and blendable and I did enjoy using it, but I can’t say I love it enough to use it on a daily basis.

I haven’t got much use out of the highlighter side but it is very creamy and definitely gets the job done.

ETUDE HOUSE – Play 101 Stick 01 Colour Contour Duo (around $20 AUD)

Since starting university this year I have definitely attracted some dark circles under my eyes which needed some severe saving. So I was on the lookout for some colour correcting tools & this duo here did the trick!

The peach-orange side seriously makes the darkness under my eyes vanish and the precise applicator is perfect for getting under my eyes just where I want it.

I don’t really find much use for the yellow side which is unfortunate.

KIKO Milano – Water Eyeshadow 200 (around $15 AUD)

KIKO isn’t available in Australia and I’ve heard a lot of people raving about their water eyeshadows on Youtube. When I swatched them in the store they looked amazing so I had to pick one up!

I opted for a champagne-gold knowing it would be a shade I could get a lot of use from.

These shadows can be used wet or dry but I typically use it dry since it’s pigmented enough as is.

ETUDE HOUSE – Dear Darling Tint PK003 (around $20 AUD)

Typically, I am not a huge fan of tints, mainly because I like to stick to nudes and glosses – but I thought, I’m in a place where tints are all the rage, I have to give them a go. ]So I headed for this bright pink which swatched as a lighter pink on my hand

So I headed for this bright pink which swatched as a lighter pink on my hand and had some gold glitter in it (I love me some glitter). What I didn’t realise was that it developed over time and got brighter the longer I had it on my lips, which I definitely wasn’t a fan of.

I didn’t really like how it felt on my lips so I usually would blot off the gloss and leave the tint behind.

My favourite thing about it is the cute blue cap & the scent which is a unique topical/cupcake scent (odd I kn0w).

So that’s it for my rundown of new Asian beauty products I have added to my collection.

Please let me know in a comment if you have any favourite products you have found in a foreign country that you wish you had at home!

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