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iPhone X: Review After A Week In Action

It is obvious that the iPhone X is the it-phone at the moment, and people are doing reviews on this beast left, right and centre. So what makes this review any different? Well, I’m not here to give you all the techy nerd specs about the phone, I’m going to break down whether the iPhone X is the right phone for you based on what you look for in your mobile device.

I was lucky enough to snag an iPhone X on pre-order and got it delivered on launch day, November 3rd, so I’ve had a little bit over a week to play around with it and decide what my stance is on the phone.

When I first opened up the box my first impression was that it was extremely beautiful and shiny (PS: I have the Space Grey version in 64GB). For some reason, it does feel slightly more luxe than my previous phone (iPhone 6S) even though it is similar in size. It probably is because of the stainless steel bands and the shiny OLED screen.

What came in the box:

To make this a bit more read-friendly, I’m going to cut it short and go into the Pros & Cons of the device.


  • FACE ID – I’ve been hearing a lot of people talk shit about Face ID and how it doesn’t work in certain situations etc. etc. However, I am a huge fan of it. I think it is much quicker than Touch ID, and you know what? Touch ID would often fail on me too, especially when I had sweaty or wet fingers (yeah … gross … I know)
  • NO HOME BUTTON – My friends have said to me that they couldn’t imagine not having a home button and that it would drive them crazy, but I actually love being without it! I think that the swipe up is extremely convenient, and I got used to it in less than a day. Since there is no home button Apple implemented a feature where you can swipe across the bottom of the screen to access your last opened app, which really is a time saver.
  • OLED SCREEN – the new screen which is on the iPhone X is different to those on every other iPhone in the past. It is shinier, and brighter if you put it side by side to another iPhone model, the older iPhone simply looks like more inferior. I think this alone is worth the huge jump in price.
  • CAMERA – the front-facing selfie camera is amazing, definitely a major upgrade for me from my old iPhone 6S, here is a selfie I took with the front-facing camera (I know I look tragic but I’m with Gary Vaynerchuk, favourite human on earth).
    Here is a photo I had taken with the back camera on the same day:
    The detail on the Harbour Bridge looks stunning and the colours come out beautifully.


  • FACE ID – It works in 90% of situations, even when I am wearing massive sunglasses that are oversized (High Key by Quay Australia) but … the only time it fails on me is when I’m laying in bed and half of my face is buried into my pillow. A small thing but is kind of inconvenient since I’m on my phone in bed a lot of the time.
  • THE NOTCH – I don’t find it to be ‘ugly’ as many perceive it to be, the reason I have some beef with the notch is the fact that app developers have yet to find ways to make it useful/adapt to it. For example, here on Google Maps, which is created by Google – a BILLION DOLLAR COMPANY, and they still haven’t optimised their app for iPhone X users – something I hope will be resolved along the way.
  • APP MULTITASKING – I have heard people say that opening the multi-task section is quite messy on the iPhone X and I do agree. Instead of double-clicking on the home button, you are meant to swipe up, hold, and then swipe to the left to show the apps. It is definitely something which takes a bit more getting used to than the swipe up to go home feature.

Final opinion:

Overall I am in love with the iPhone X.

Is it too much different from the iPhone 8 Plus? Definitely not in terms of necessary features. But if you are a low-key Apple nerd like I am, it is kind of cool to experiment with the new piece of technology. For my friends who asked me if I think it’s worth the price, I honestly believe that it is. It’s a status symbol, it isn’t just a phone. But for the average consumer, is it a bit extra? Yes. If you’re the kind of person who is going to complain about the notch or the absence of the home button, just stick to the iPhone 8 Plus and save everyone and yourself the misery.

Let me know if you would get the iPhone X, or do you already have it? What are your thoughts!

♥️ Christy

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