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TAKE A PEEK: Essential Handbag Kit

I always say “I carry my whole life” in my handbags because I always like to be prepared. So, I have mustered up together an essential handbag kit that houses everything for every ‘what if’ moment.

My clear pouch is by Ego and this essential handbag kit skips the obvious items like lip balm, sunglasses, gum etc. So, with that said, lets get into it!

SOAP AND GLORY Hand Maid Hand Cleansing Gel – $4 (Buy now)

I don’t always have two hand sanitisers however it is also best to buy another one before you’re left with nothing, right?

There is also an empty travel size perfume bottle from Daiso and in there I dispensed my favourite perfume of all time – Flora by Gucci!

Panadeine and No-Doz are a MUST! You never know when you need a caffeine hit or a pain reliever.

SWISSPERS Blott Off Tissues – $6.00 (Buy now)

Wet ones are a MAJOR key. Accidentally dropped some food on your clothes? A wet one can fix that.

Blotting sheets because – no one wants an oily face!

Hair ties for when I just want to admit defeat to the day and just call it a day right then and there.

It is unusual to have scissors in an essential handbag kit because it takes up unwanted space, but in the case, it is a must for cohesive bandages that I use when I get blisters. I find using these are much more effective than bandaids- you guys have to try it out!

I have a seperate pouch for pads and tampons for that time of the month – but for that ‘what if’ moment, I have just a couple in my essential emergency handbag kit.

What can you live without? Let me know in the comments!

Until next time lovely,



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