Who & What we aspire to be:

We both aspire to be successful business women. We all hope to conquer the world and show them what we got as a duo and individually.

Carmelita: I aspire to dominate the fashion industry, and live without fear get in the way of my ambitions.
Christy: I aspire to become a highly respected and successful owner of a well known company while frequently travelling the world with loving family and friends.
General Info


I will live and die in New York City. I want to look out the window and see the New York skyline and have my heart tingle. Right now, being 17 years old, a girl from Sydney can only hope – for now. It all starts and ends with the will to empower. 

To have a blog, and to create content for a blog is both a privilege and a choice. It gives me the liberation to post about things that I enjoy and genuinely have a passion for. I know that when I see something that catches my eye I automatically think “This would make a great blog post.” And that is no lie, I always find a way to incorporate all aspects of my life a turn it into a blog post, especially in the fashion element.

If you’re just visiting the blog, I do a lot of the fashion posts and it’s because I just get so inspired by everything I chose to immerse myself in. Some of these include the hip-hop scene. I get so inspired when I listen to all sub-genres of hip-hop and I look at different artists and just get so into it that a million things are racing through my mind and one of those things running though my mind is “Hey, this would be a great blog post!”.

Another thing that really inspires me in Pinterest. Pinterest is really a world of its own. It’s my go to website if I’m ever stuck, or need more inspo – I know Pinterest is always there for me.  And not even for blogging, a little DIY or makeup inspiration on Pinterest never killed anybody.

Ball is life. Anybody that knows me knows that, that statement – is an understatement. This is just a little excuse to just say GO BULLS. I just had to chuck that in there because I’m way too into the NBA and what’s a bio without mentioning one of the things I love the most?


To be completely honest, I haven’t quite figured out who I am just yet, I feel as though I’m constantly being influenced by the people around me, sometimes for better and for worse. But I’ll share a few things that I’m 99.5% sure won’t change any time soon. I’m currently 17 years old and live in Sydney, Australia and am in Year 12, my final year of high school. My cultural background is Chinese and Irish, my Mum coming from Hong Kong and my Dad coming from Ireland. The three top things in my life right now would probably be: beauty, music and food. These are pretty broad categories which I could expand on for days. Make-up is probably my most greatest hobby, sometimes I just can’t wait until the weekend so that I can cake my face with make-up and experiment with different eyeshadows and lipsticks. One of the reasons I wanted to create this blog was because sometimes I would have too much to say about a new make-up product and felt as though no one was listening, so I decided to put it online, where someone is always listening. My current music artist obsessions are definitely Lady Gaga and Justin Bieber , these two people have influenced my life in so many ways and I am thankful for the experiences I have encountered because of them, including forming new friendships, enhancing old ones and simply gaining fulfillment from listening to their music and attending their concerts. Honestly, one of my favourite things to do, and my favourite part of the day, would have to be eating. If food was free, and didn’t make you gain weight, all I would do every day would just be to eat. Once I finish high school, I’m hoping to attend university studying something revolving around business and most likely majoring in Marketing but this is one part of my life which I’m not too certain on. I do know however that my ideal occupation would be to become a successful entrepreneur dominating the Australian business world.

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  • Thank you for following me. Follow your dreams and you will get there;)

  • Thanks for following my blog. You blog look great, keep up the work!

  • Carmelita doesn’t have a biography? We would love to read about her as well~ ^-^

    – two of three Almost White Girls