Who & What we aspire to be:

We both aspire to be successful business women. We  hope to conquer the world and show them what we got as a duo and individually.

Carmelita: I aspire to dominate the fashion industry, and live without fear get in the way of my ambitions.
Christy: I aspire to become a highly respected and successful owner of a successful business while frequently travelling the world with loving family and friends.


I will live and die in New York City. I want to look out the window and see the New York skyline and have my heart tingle. Right now, being 18 years old, a girl from Sydney can only hope – for now. It all starts and ends with the will to empower. 

To have a blog, and to create content for a blog is both a privilege and a choice. It gives me the liberation to post about things that I enjoy and genuinely have a passion for. I know that when I see something that catches my eye I automatically think “This would make a great blog post.” And that is no lie, I always find a way to incorporate all aspects of my life a turn it into a blog post, especially in the fashion element.

If you’re just visiting the blog, I do a lot of the fashion posts and it’s because I just get so inspired by everything I chose to immerse myself in. Some of these include the hip-hop scene. I get so inspired when I listen to all sub-genres of hip-hop and I look at different artists and just get so into it that a million things are racing through my mind and one of those things running though my mind is “Hey, this would be a great blog post!”.

Another thing that really inspires me in Pinterest. Pinterest is really a world of its own. It’s my go to website if I’m ever stuck, or need more inspo – I know Pinterest is always there for me.  And not even for blogging, a little DIY or makeup inspiration on Pinterest never killed anybody.

Ball is life. Anybody that knows me knows that, that statement – is an understatement. This is just a little excuse to just say GO BULLS. I just had to chuck that in there because I’m way too into the NBA and what’s a bio without mentioning one of the things I love the most?


To be completely honest, I haven’t quite figured out who I am just yet, I feel as though I’m constantly being influenced by the people around me, sometimes for better and for worse. But here are a few things that I’m 90% sure won’t change anytime soon.

I’m currently 18 years old and live in Sydney, Australia and am currently attending the University of Technology Sydney, studying a Bachelor of Business.

My cultural background is Chinese and Irish, my Mum coming from Hong Kong and my Dad from Ireland. 

One of the reasons I wanted to create this blog was because sometimes I would have too much to say and felt as though no one was listening, so I decided to put it online, where someone is always listening.

I am a major Lady Gaga & Justin Bieber stan and frankly, have spent way too much $ on merch & concert tickets for both of them.

As of right now, my plans for the future involve me getting an internship doing marketing in a beauty or fashion brand and hopefully turning it into a paid position in those related fields. Once I have gained some industry experience I plan on moving to New York for a few years (not ready for a full commitment yet) to experience a life other than one in Sydney. After that, who knows where my goals will take me.

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  • Thank you for following me. Follow your dreams and you will get there;)

  • Thanks for following my blog. You blog look great, keep up the work!

  • Carmelita doesn’t have a biography? We would love to read about her as well~ ^-^

    – two of three Almost White Girls