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  • Update Your Business Look Nude and White Rhapsody

    Mastering a business look can pose as somewhat a challenge; not everyone has that business-y feel about their clothes which may cause them to feel frustrated each time they open their wardrobe to get ready for work. However, thanks to business stylists and designers with a female built and need in mind, we’ve gathered some pretty amazing tips and hacks that can help us all look stunning at our workplace and yet keep everything business and classy. read more

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    / May 6, 2016
  • Pretty In Lace

    Hey guys, Carmelita here!

    I was scrolling through old photos of various fashion week shows in Paris and I couldn’t help but notice that lace is never out. read more

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    / April 27, 2016
  • TREND ALERT: Over the Knee Boots

    Hey lovely, Carmelita here!

    I was on a bit of a bloggers-block, so I did what I could do to get me out of it — Pinterest. I was scrolling through the fashion trends tag on Pinterest and saw a lot of Over the Knee Boots. And then it hit me — NEW BLOG POST ALERT! I was inspired! read more

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    / April 20, 2016
  • Fashion Colour Series // YELLOW

    Hey lovelies, Carmelita here!

    Who doesn’t love a jaw-dropping yellow piece?

    Yellow is such a beautiful colour that just relflects really good vibes. When you’re walking down the street and see someone wearing a really nice vibrant yellow top – don’t you just automatically get the positive vibes? read more

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    / April 6, 2016
  • Minimalist Fashion Inspiration

    Hey fashionistas! Carmelita here.

    As usual, I was scrolling through Pinterest on the daily and something that really stood out to me was minimalistic wear. Organisation-wise, I do like to keep in minimal. However, fashion-wise it seems like I’ve grown a liking into minimalistic fashion, so of course in a blogger fashion – I was inspired to write a blog post! read more

    / November 21, 2015
  • 5 Favourite Cheap Lip Products

    Hi there!

    It’s Grace here and today I’m going to be sharing with you my top 5 favourite cheap lip products from the pharmacy and drugstore. It’s always convenient to find cheaper alternatives regardless of whatever budget you have and I’ve gone through my draw and found 5 of my most used and favourite lip products that are affordable without being bad quality. read more

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    / October 9, 2015
  • Current Makeup Wishlist!

    Hey guys, Carmelita here with a beauty post coming your way!

    I want to share with you guys my current makeup wishlist. This month I decided not to buy makeup for a month just to cleanse myself, see how much money I can save and purely because I have more than enough makeup. I never realised how much I bought makeup until I stopped impulse buying every week and now my wish list seems to be growing a lot more than it needs to be. So I figured, if I can’t buy, might as well relieve the makeup I want in some sort of way, and here we are! read more

    / September 20, 2015
  • Celebrity Inspiration // RIHANNA (For Less)

    Hey guys! Carmelita here!

    I feel like its been ages since I posted (which it probably has), so of course celebrity fashion is the pinnacle of my fashion inspiration. I draw most of my inspiration from Rihanna! I would do everything and more for her closet, to even be her! So we all know that Rihanna is decked out head-to-toe designer, and of course in a true blogger spirit, I give you a Rihanna look for less! read more

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    / August 26, 2015
  • Hair&Me Hair Rejuvenation Treatment Review

    Hello my loves!

    I hope you are having a lovely day 🙂

    We received the following Hair Rejuvenation Treatment from the brand Hair&Me a while ago and I was able to review this product. I personally have a dry scalp but my main concern is my hair is very thick, frizzy and dry, especially at the ends. I don’t usually use heat on my hair as I prefer to try and keep my hair healthy throughout the week but I used to use heat products a lot in previous years. This product is based around the idea of rejuvenating the hair and is “designed to help repair, moisturize & strengthen your hair & scalp”. read more

    / August 11, 2015
  • 5 Favourite Brushes

    Hello everyone!

    The other day I watched a few videos about travelling brushes and must-have products that got me inspired to go through my brush collection and pick out the most favourite 5 brushes I have and the ones I would take with me overseas or anywhere I didn’t have access to sponges. So here we go! read more

    / July 25, 2015