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  • Current Makeup Wishlist!

    Hey guys, Carmelita here with a beauty post coming your way!

    I want to share with you guys my current makeup wishlist. This month I decided not to buy makeup for a month just to cleanse myself, see how much money I can save and purely because I have more than enough makeup. I never realised how much I bought makeup until I stopped impulse buying every week and now my wish list seems to be growing a lot more than it needs to be. So I figured, if I can’t buy, might as well relieve the makeup I want in some sort of way, and here we are! read more

    / September 20, 2015
  • Celebrity Inspiration // RIHANNA (For Less)

    Hey guys! Carmelita here!

    I feel like its been ages since I posted (which it probably has), so of course celebrity fashion is the pinnacle of my fashion inspiration. I draw most of my inspiration from Rihanna! I would do everything and more for her closet, to even be her! So we all know that Rihanna is decked out head-to-toe designer, and of course in a true blogger spirit, I give you a Rihanna look for less! read more

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    / August 26, 2015
  • Hair&Me Hair Rejuvenation Treatment Review

    Hello my loves!

    I hope you are having a lovely day 🙂

    We received the following Hair Rejuvenation Treatment from the brand Hair&Me a while ago and I was able to review this product. I personally have a dry scalp but my main concern is my hair is very thick, frizzy and dry, especially at the ends. I don’t usually use heat on my hair as I prefer to try and keep my hair healthy throughout the week but I used to use heat products a lot in previous years. This product is based around the idea of rejuvenating the hair and is “designed to help repair, moisturize & strengthen your hair & scalp”. read more

    / August 11, 2015
  • 5 Favourite Brushes

    Hello everyone!

    The other day I watched a few videos about travelling brushes and must-have products that got me inspired to go through my brush collection and pick out the most favourite 5 brushes I have and the ones I would take with me overseas or anywhere I didn’t have access to sponges. So here we go! read more

    / July 25, 2015
  • June Favorites

    Hello everyone!

    It’s Grace here, and this month I’ve been loving many things in beauty and skincare and even though I’m a little late here are some of my favorites from last month. read more

    / July 6, 2015
  • Everyday/School Make Up – Beauty Essentials

    Hi Darling !

    Today I’m sharing with you the products I use when I’m not bothered to wear much make up but still want to look sane aka school. These are the products I use which create an easy, everyday look whether you’re going to school or to the shops. Here is what my everyday make up routine looks like: read more

    / November 2, 2014