Posts on Milkshake Kingdom including reviews are based on each of our individual opinions and experiences. Please keep in mind that each of our opinions may be different to your own therefore if I dislike a product, you may end up liking it! Similarly, if we love an item, you may hate it. We all have different needs in products so please do not let our opinions stop you from purchasing an item.

We do get sent products for consideration by specific companies, however we do not post about products we believe will benefit our readers, good or bad. Each of our opinions on products sent or purchased are honest and we will mention in the post that it was sent to us. If we receive a product for free it will not affect our opinion and it will be treated as if we purchased it for full retail price.  If you are a brand wanting to send a sample to Milkshake Kingdom please email us at ( Once again all reviews are honest and unbiased.

Most images on our blog are our own unless stated differently, please ask for permission to use our images. If an image owned by you is on our blog and want it removed, please email us.

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