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  • What’s In My Z-Palette

    Hey beautiful, Christy here!

    Z-Palettes are truly a wonderful invention, whoever designed these products and sold them is clearly a genius, but we all know that. I love seeing what people have stuck into their palette, so this is post is for those people who are like me and love to take a nosy peek into what is in another gal’s z-palette. Most of the stuff in here is highlighting-contouring, simply because I don’t own many single-easy-to-depot-eyeshadows.

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    / May 22, 2016
  • My 5 Makeup Routine Must Have’s:

    Hello lovely x

    It’s Grace here, and I’m in a bit of a makeup rut right now. I’m looking to change and get rid of any products I don’t use anymore and while doing this, I went through and found some of the must have products I use currently and ones I can’t live without.

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    / March 6, 2016
  • My Current Everyday Summer Make Up Look

    Hi beautiful! Christy here,

    I feel like it has been such a long time since I have shared any type of make-up look on here, which is why I have decided to share with you guys my current go to make up look which I have been basically doing all throughout these Summer school holidays. When I laid out all the products that I use I was honestly so surprised at how much I really use on an everyday basis. Now, when I say ‘everyday’ basis, I mean, when I go out, shopping, to lunch etc. this is when I would do this type of make up look, if I was having a chill day at home I wouldn’t apply any make-up at all.

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    / January 27, 2016
  • What’s in my Z-Palette?

    Hey there!

    This is Grace here, and a few weeks ago I watched LustreLux’s Z-Palette video and was inspired to write this post on what I keep in my Z-Palette and basically what I use every single time I do my makeup (casual to glam). These are mostly just depotted stuff and I have some stuff for all budgets and brands (Makeup Geek, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and etc). I basically keep cream and powder contour and highlight shades, illuminating or highlighters and my staple eye colours. I hope you guys enjoy.

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    Beauty, Inspiration, Random
    / January 13, 2016
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills: So Hollywood Illuminator & #23 Brush // Review

    Hi beautiful, Christy here!

    We all know that highlighters and illuminators are all the craze right now and I am definitely someone who has hoped onto this bandwagon. I love all things shimmery and shiny, and adding make-up into the mix really just gets me excited. It is quite clear that basically every make-up company known to man is coming out with their own version of highlighters or illuminators and today I’m here to showcase what I believe is to be one of the best.

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    Beauty, Reviews
    / January 1, 2016
  • Anastasia Beverly Hills Cream Contour Kit in Fair | Review & Swatches

    Hello there beautiful, it’s Grace here,

    And today I’m reviewing a product from the very popular brand Anastasia Beverly Hills, who if you don’t know, you really should. This higher range brand has been around for quite some bit and achieves a lot of recognition world-wide, by even celebrities like Kim K, and in particular, for their amazing brow products! I personally have not tried any brow products myself, but would like to in the future as both Christy and Carmelita will agree, this brand is amazing.

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    / November 7, 2015